Rant: UberEats Ads are Unbearably Terrible

UberEats advertisements are everywhere and I absolutely hate them (and I don’t usually hate things). They are extremely un-creative, obnoxious, unfunny and meaninglessly terrible ads. Bankrolling non-contextual celebrity cameos and weaponized cringe is Uber’s new face of avant-garde performance “art.” It is absolutely garbage and the ad agencies behind it should be ashamed of themselves for even having the capability of conceptualizing this form of brain-rot detritus. Please make it stop and I will perhaps […] →Read more

Twitter is The Real Hotbed of Hate, Not Gab

There’s so much hatred on Big Tech platforms like Twitter. Hatred against God, hatred against the president and hatred for normalcy. The moment you disagree with their collective echo-chambers, you’re immediately bombarded with ad-hominem attacks and threats of real world actions (i.e. doxxing). Establishment platforms facilitate the spread of such hatred by aggregating and promoting such content. Despite all this, they’re calling platforms like Gab, “hotbeds of hate,” their justification? An isolated terrorist incident that […] →Read more

Queensland’s First EndCCP Caravan

On Sunday, November 29th, 2020, Queensland Falun Gong practitioners gathered in Brisbane, in preparation for Queensland’s first EndCCP caravan. This follows similar caravans held across parts of Melbourne weeks prior. Besides promoting Falun Gong, they called upon Australians to reject and boycott the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Signs on the cars included, “CCP Lied, Australians Died” and “Communism, puts everyone at risk.” This is in reference to the 2019 novel coronavirus and the CCP’s suppression […] →Read more

Parler vs Gab – Which Twitter Alternative Should You Use?

Following the drastic uptick in online political censorship, new platforms have emerged to fill in the gaps left by establishment social media platforms. Such platforms include Parler and Gab – fast-growing Twitter replacement microblogging solutions. These platforms have been labeled by much of the mainstream media as “Hotbeds of Hate”, often ignoring the fact that hate speech and extremist content exists on establishment platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The Systematic Smear Campaign Against […] →Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Compare the Nazis to the Chinese Communist Party

Can the Chinese CCP be compared to the German Nazi Party? Definitely not. Maybe in some aspects, such as ethnic cleansing of Xinjiang. But generally speaking, The Chinese Communist Party is Nothing like Nazi Germany. The Chinese Communist Party does not care for their citizens and treats Han, Tibetans and Uighurs equally miserably. In contrast, Nazi Germany prioritized Ethnic Germans whilst marginalizing other ethnic groups. The only thing nationalistic about the Chinese Communist Party is their propaganda. […] →Read more

The Chinese Communist Party is an Evil Cult

There’s a good reason the US government banned communists from naturalizing. The Chinese Communist Party is essentially an evil cult, a tyrannical government that has brainwashed millions and is openly pushing its arm into overseas media. The communist government is constantly disseminating the sentiment that China can’t handle a democracy. This is (not because they genuinely believe democracy is flawed but) because they are too afraid of being overthrown from their reign. While some people […] →Read more

Can an Analytical Person be a Good Artist?

In my opinion, the best artists seems to be the ones who’ve effectively leveraged theory and practice. Comparing analytical artists to emotional artists is like comparing iterative neural networks to algorithms. With an iterative neural network, it just tries and tries over and over again until it “learns” how to achieve a desired output with a slightly different technique each time. In contrast, an algorithm – the analytical artist – repetitively follows an instruction set […] →Read more

The Hidden Logos of Fairy Tales

Throughout many cultures, fairy tales and folk legends have existed to harbor a message which could be interpreted through 2 significant lenses; either as simply entertaining tales with a moral message, or a well-disguised, deeply esoteric documentation of reality, revealing secrets about the nature and manifestation of the supreme logos. One puzzling factor has always caught the attention of students of folk stories. Amongst the great variety of cultures, similarities in the details keep surfacing. […] →Read more

ADL: Fighting Free Speech Since 1913

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been spearheading the destruction of Free Speech since it’s inception in 1913. With all the criticism of the Sothern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) by mainstream conservatives, you would think they were against hate-groups disguised as non-profits. Think again. The Judeo-Marxist Anti-Defamation League is the grandest and most ardent opposer of Free Speech in the United States. It operates more than 30 offices nationwide, accumulating more than $80m a year in […] →Read more

The Globalist Nature of Organized Religion

Globalism is an root of evil, an expansive, invasive ideology that’s partially to blame for the collapse of many great civilizations over the course of the last 2000 years. Behind this seemingly formidable force are powerful families, bloodlines and other satanic entities which inevitably lead to the Illuminati. The Illuminati seeks to subvert spirituality and society at every fundamental level in order to project their influence and establish their Utopian/humanist “New World Order.” Of all […] →Read more